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Why Every Belle Should Date a Gaston

Why Every Belle Should Date a Gaston (Just Once)

As a child of the 90’s and the mother of a 3-year old, Disney princess movies are just part of the fabric of life. Thanks to the recent reboot staring Emma Watson, it’s safe to say that Beauty and the Beast is the hands down favorite right now in my household. To prime my daughter for the live-action version, we watched the classic cartoon before heading out to the local theater to experience it together.

Old is made new again, a tale as old as time.

After viewing both versions, I was left with a lot of thoughts and questions, such as:
  • Why didn’t Chip get older?
  • Was everyone enchanted, including the town?
  • How was Maurice making money? (What are music boxes going for these days?)
  • Is every inch of Gaston REALLY covered in hair?

All of that aside, my biggest thought was about how ill-prepared Belle seemed for a real love relationship. She went from the shelter of her eccentric father to the sanctuary of the Beast and his castle. It was all very transactionary even if the situation was voluntary to a degree on her part. She has not dated anyone, gone anywhere, or really had a chance to do anything out there in the world. So, how could she possibly know what she wants?

This is why I think Belle should have dated someone like Gaston while she was young. I know this might sound crazy, especially if you’re a huge fan of the Beast-man, but hear me out.

Not only does he bring flowers, but he can get the entire pub to sing with him.

Just Try It

I believe every young woman should date at least one Gaston before they settle into their lives. The key is not to stay with a Gaston forever, you’re just dipping a toe into the waters of bad-boy-land. You never know, you might even like it a little.

You never know...

Learn About Yourself

Sure, dating a hot jerk can be a drain, but the Gastons of the world teach us Belles about who we are and what we really want. Being with a Gaston can tear you down, but can also give you the strength to stand up for yourself once you realize, “Yeah, nope, this is not for me”. They can give you a clearer picture of what you are actually looking for.

Not a bad detour really

Let Me Feel Your Arms

The Gastons of the world are hot; face it, they didn’t catch this attitude from being ugly.
This is what all those eggs can get you.

They Are Easy to Leave

The rest of the nosey little village might not agree that you are compatible and, guess what?? You’re not! And you know that. So, you can leave a Gaston without feeling too terrible by the end of it. It’s easier to resolve it all in your head and heart because you never really saw a future in the first place. So what if those townsfolk sing about you your behind your back? You are an independent female just living her damn life.

When he hogs the bathroom getting pretty every morning, it can get old.

The Gastons of the world prepare you for the real thing.

I look back on the ruins that line the path of what was once my dating life and it makes me appreciate what I have so much more. Belle never fell in with a hot jerk and without that experience, I just can’t believe that she truly understands how special the Beast really is…I understand that he is an enchanted man-beast with talking furniture, I mean special in other ways.

I would not be who I am if it weren’t for the Gastons that the universe tossed my way. I spent time hating them all to a certain degree, but now I am grateful for the experiences and the adventures that led me to right here, right now. I only want the same for my girl Belle. I get that the Beast is a total jackpot, but live a little while you’re young girl. Go date Gaston, break some hearts, and (when you’re ready) meet your Beast. I’m also working under the assumption that you will need to go furniture shopping as well since everything you used to sit on at the castle will come back to life. And we all know trips to Ikea are for real relationships, not for Gastons.

Get it girl

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  1. I love this! It's brilliant x

  2. I love these stories and become a fan of them. Great post from you. I appreciate your work.
    From team Subway Princess Run


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