Friday, January 6, 2017

Sometimes Life Gets in the Way

I’m not going to apologize for how little I have written lately because I’m sure you are hearing the same excuses everywhere.

“Things were just so crazy over the holidays!”
“Work has been so busy!”
“Everyone in our house got sick!”

And, honestly, as real as these statements are, I kind of hate it. I like writing; I would even go out on a limb and say I’m moving beyond the “like” stage toward “love”. Writing has become my only creative outlet these days, so to not find the time to even take care of that one thing for myself is frustrating beyond belief.

Honestly, I have no idea what she is doing, but I totally feel her on every level.
Photo via Pixabay
In the whirlwind of the holidays, a crazy increase in volume of work, and seasonal illnesses many other things got pushed to the side. We ate fast food more than I care to admit due to lack of time and energy, precious sleep was lost, and there were days when I never even made it into the shower. I compensated for missing showertime (coincidentally my FAVORITE time) by:

  • Washing my face
  • Spraying dry shampoo on my hair
  • Slapping on lip gloss
  • Using deodorant and perfume
  • Tapping into the power of prayer and a smile before walking into work

I know skipping one shower isn’t something most other people are going to notice, it’s really more about how I feel. My daily shower has a rejuvenating and humanizing effect on me, without it everything else seems off. Even now that things have slowed down, as evidenced by me writing at this very moment, there is so much still to catch up on. I am, however, showering every day, so I am less cranky and I smell amazing.

It’s 2017 and some small space in the back of my mind has caught that “New Year, New You” fever, but when I reflect on these last few weeks I’m not sure how I can add anything more to my plate. I want to start exercising or taking more photos outdoors, but I go weeks without even putting on lotion or makeup because I feel so strapped for time.

How do we un-busy ourselves to make room for other things? What can we do to slow down so that when things do get hectic it isn’t completely out of control? I don’t have the answers and I’m pretty sure that change is hard work, but maybe you guys have some thoughts on this. For now, I will welcome writing back into my life and hope that it doesn’t get pushed aside by life getting in the way again.

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