Tuesday, November 22, 2016

NaBloPoMo Day 14: How to be me in 4 easy steps

November 14: What was it like to be me in 2016?

How to be 2016 Me in Four Easy Steps

1.  You are in your car

Now, imagine that you are always in your car. That was me this year. I bought a new car in April and it already has 17,000+ miles on it. Because of a bridge construction project that was halted back in July (thanks Gov. Chris Christie), my commute has been anywhere from an hour and 15 minutes to 2 hours…one way. I have started scheduling phone meetings so that I can take them in my car and technically still be working, thus justifying me running out the door at 4pm before the traffic gets really crazy.

Home, Sweet Home

2.  You never sleep well

Now, imagine that you have a stubborn toddler who takes 3 hours to go to bed and then walks into your room 10 times a night.  Without proper sleep, everything else in life just seems hard. Work, commute, writing, remembering to bathe…it all gets tough without rest. It’s difficult to get mad at a cute little baby who keeps coming in to tell you that they love you and give you kisses, but it is exhausting.

3.  You don’t exercise

Now, imagine that you haven’t exercised since you were put on activity restrictions when you were pregnant. Because I’m always tired and always in my car, there doesn’t seem to be the time or the drive within me to even attempt exercising.

4.  Your husband holds it together

Now, imagine that your husband is experiencing almost all of the same things as you, but is somehow keeping his head straight. Minus the horrible commute, he and I are in the same boat and thank God for that, because many times he’s the one bailing us out if we start to take on water. He takes care of me if I’m sick, snuggles my butt at night (if/when we finally get into bed), does the single-parent thing when I’m away at trainings and conferences, and he even lets me sleep in sometimes when I’ve just had too much. Parenthood will not strengthen a relationship, it does, however, test it. I am thankful we started from a strong place or else 2016 could have gone much differently.

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