Sunday, August 21, 2016

Yes, but why wine and razors?

I have a question that I am going just put out there to the world:  Why wine and razors? Bear with me here for a moment and I will circle back to the beginning. I, like most other people I know, am online somewhat frequently. Because of this, I run into my fair share of advertisements throughout my browsing. On a number of websites and social media I come across advertisements for the Dollar Shave Club. I don’t have an issue with Dollar Shave Club; I can respect the need to save money in the razor department because they can get EXPENSIVE.

I also find nothing wrong with using the same type of razor as your husband. I’ve been using men’s razors since I was a teen because it meant I could just steal from my father’s refill pack; that is until he started using the dreaded disposable Bic kind. Ouch, ouch, ouch! Curse you, you orange plastic torture devices! With my lesson learned, I started purchasing my own refill packs and hiding them in my bedroom away from my dad and little brother.  

I’ve been using the Gillette Mach 3 for longer than I have even been married, in fact, the Mister adjusted to my razor preferences when we moved in together. He picked up one of his own so that we could buy one refill pack and be done with it. His is a silver Mach 3 and mine is more of a gray color, this is so that we can tell them apart. Although, I do suspect him of “accidentally” using mine when his has gone dull and we are out of refills, but he will never implicate himself.

Personally, I have not found a way to multi-task in the bath or shower. I tend to be fairly straightforward with the process, I get in and do what I need to do and I get out. (Not to say that sometimes what I “need” to do is just stand there for a minute doing nothing). The whole “reading a book in the tub” thing  is very mysterious to me. Books are made of paper and tablets are created by expensive electronic pieces and possibly magic (it’s science). Either way, I don’t want to get them wet. I also want to get out of the tub before the water turns cold, so I’m not sure when I would have time do anything other than bathe before I got frozen out. I always worried that if I tried to drink tea in the tub I would spill it on myself, same with wine. I can see the appeal though, they are very relaxing beverages (for very different reasons). Since becoming a mom, I don’t drink much because I need to be constantly “on” for my toddler, so I don’t have a great tolerance.

I'm pretty sure it equals disaster
This leads me back to my disconnect with the advertisements I keep seeing, they feature a glass of wine by the tub with a razor. Am I the only one who thinks this is a terrible idea? It’s like, “Oh you know what would be super relaxing? Cutting myself.” Because that is exactly what I would do, one good sized glass in and I would lose my ability to navigate the indents of my knees or, even more scary, down by the “danger zone” aka my bikini line. Honestly, it plays like a horror movie in my mind as my beautiful bubble bath turns pink and then red with a mixture of blood and wine at my own hands. I'm not saying I'd Sweeney Todd myself, but it wouldn't be pretty.

For me, an effective advertisement would feature how much money I’d save by using the same brand of razor as my husband or highlight the convenience of it all. Think about it, no matter who is doing the shopping, you both know what brand to buy. But the best ad of all would be a woman in desperate need of shaving realizing she’s out of refills and snagging one out of her husband’s stash; with her crisis averted THEN she can go drink wine, hair-free and without the responsibility of not cutting herself.

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  1. Whomever thought up the idea to advertise shaving with a glass of wine while in the tub must not have children. I've tried it (with a book even!) and gotten half a leg shaved before the kid comes in and starts playing boats in my bath water. The wine has to move so it doesn't get knocked over (requiring me to get out of the tub, naturally). NOT relaxing lol!

    1. Right?! Wine or books are things that sound good in theory, but in practice not so much! Why add razors to the mix?


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