Friday, June 17, 2016

TIFU by giving my child a talking monkey toy

TIFU (today I f*cked up) by giving my child a talking monkey toy without reading the directions first. I honestly didn't consider what the toy could do at all before handing it over. I just thought, "my kid likes monkeys, this a monkey, done".
For context, it was like this one:
Exhibit A
There were two things I didn't take into consideration. The first was that my two year old wasn't expecting the monkey to talk. The second was that the monkey is set up to ask for the name of the child so it can record it and play it back to them. Which is probably super fun for a kid, if done properly.
Blissfully unaware, I left her to play with her new monkey friend while I went over to the next room to grab the laundry. When suddenly I hear terrified shrieking coming through the wall.
The monkey had asked her for her name and, being scared out of her mind by this thing talking to her, she must have screamed in response. It recorded the sound and played her terrified wails back to her while she got more and more worked up.
I ran in to find a tear streaked toddler shaking with fear and a monkey playing her horrified screams mixed with the sound of static and then following up by asking her to play or read with him over and over. The worst part is, once it registered what had happened I held my child close and, while rocking her in my arms, I laughed so hard I cried. Totally killing it at parenting.
Tl;dr Gave my child a talking monkey, tears were shed by all.

I want to give a shoutout to Reddit user --ShineyHiney-- whose request for this story (after the Reddit mods deleted it) inspired me to put it on a blog. Thanks  --ShineyHiney-- for being my first message on Reddit that wasn't just a mod telling me I'm doing it wrong. 

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